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Loose Asafoetida

Also known as Hing in India. Asafoetida, which comes from a gigantic fennel species, has a distinct aroma and flavour. It's used a lot in Indian cooking, especially in meals with lentils and vegetables like cauliflower. While the fragrance may be overbearing and unpleasant on its own, when cooked, it mellows down and produces a flavour comparable to onion and garlic. This component is essential for the Jains in India, who do not eat root crops. Gum arabic, asafoetida microfine powder, wheat and rice flour This genuine Asafoetida, often known as Indian Hing, is immensely popular all over the world. Because this spice has a strong flavour and aroma, use it sparingly. Asafoetida aids digestion in Indian and other cuisines.